Application and Enrollment

Admission to Christ Dominion Academy involves a two-step process. Families must first be accepted through an admissions process and then follow enrollment procedures. Admission to the Academy is considered on a case-by-case basis according to enrollment limits set by the CDA Administrative Board. All parents must:

  1. Be sincerely committed to securing for their children a Christ-centered education which is taught from a distinctively biblical worldview.
  2. Carefully examine the Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, and Philosophy of Education and be willing to sign the Parental Covenant as a declaration of wholehearted agreement with and commitment to Christ’s Dominion Academy.
  3. Be willing and able to view the school as an extension of their homes. If the school cannot be an extension of the home, children will not be enrolled. To do so would put the child(ren) in the position of having to “choose between two masters.” This only brings confusion and resentment into children’s lives. (In the case of divorced/single-parent families, attempts will be made to involve both parents in the enrollment procedures and educational process whenever possible.)

Follow the links on the left to review the application and enrollment procedures. You may also contact the Academy for an Application Packet.