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Christ Dominion Academy believes that you are responsible for the education of your child. Within a Christ-centered, covenantal relationship, we desire to help instill in your children a passion for learning using the Classical Christian model. We believe true education disciplines reasoning, models character, and focuses your child’s God-given abilities for His purpose. We believe that Classical Christian Education is the cultivation of virtue and wisdom by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty according to God’s revelation. It’s purpose is to train the soul to love that which is worth loving.

Since its founding, Christ’s Dominion Academy has sought to lift up and glorify Jesus Christ and His Lordship in all we do, especially in teaching your children. Our curriculum and pedagogy/methodology are classical in content and design, and they strive to express all knowledge through a Christ-centered biblical worldview. By Christ-centered we mean that all subjects are taught as part of an integrated whole, based upon the truth of God’s Word. All CDA teaching strives to reflect a clear model of the biblical, grace-based Christian life and worldview as exemplified through repentance, love, and faith. All CDA subjects are under the Dominion of Christ, who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and Lord of all.

Through the years, our nation and civilization have spiraled towards relativism and secular humanism, carrying our educational system with it. School reform after school reform (both public and private) have failed to produce ideals that truly nourish the soul, and with it the mind, will and emotions. Like many other Christian Classical schools across the country, Christ’s Dominion Academy desires to reclaim an approach to education that has been used for over 1,500 years: the traditional Classical Liberal Arts Education.

An excellent source for understanding the philosophical underpinnings of a Classical Christian Education is an essay entitled “The Lost Tools of Learning.” In this article, author Dorothy Sayers (a mid-20th century contemporary and friend of both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien) identifies what she saw as missing in education over the last century. She summarized the current education philosophy as one of spoon-feeding students large quantities of information, yet doing nothing to train the child how to think for themselves. Students have been taught how to take tests and process information, yet they lack discernment in distinguishing logic from propaganda. It goes without saying that if a child does not understand what they have memorized it will be nearly impossible to clearly articulate. How can one clearly and logically explain what they don’t know or understand? Because of short-falls like these in education, students are not growing into life-long learners and this trend will continue unless we are able to recover the lost tools of learning in our day.

Christs Dominion Academy desires to recover and amplify these lost tools of learning identified by Dr. Sayers by utilizing a distinctly Christian perspective. At CDA, all subjects are taught as an integrated/interrelated whole using a Classical Liberal Arts curriculum. What sets Christ’s Dominion Academy apart from other Christian schools? Our methodology (or pedagogy), parental involvement, discipline, and class size, all emphasizing a curriculum that is rigorous and demanding. Our methodology abandons modernity and strives to develop a life-long learner who finds a higher purpose and meaning in their educational journey, ultimately the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty that is found in and through the Person of Christ. To accomplish this, we have adopted the proven educational method that has a track record of success dating back thousands of years. Please join us in this endeavor by taking part in the Great Conversation of the ages!


The motto of Christ’s Dominion Academy is Sequens Mirabitur Aetas, which is Latin for, “The generation to come will be amazed.” It is our hope and plan that the age to come will marvel at the character, accomplishments and contributions to Christ’s Kingdom on earth exhibited by the graduates of Christ’s Dominion Academy. Further, as the eyes of men look at the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of our graduates, may it bring honor and glory to our Father God who, through the giving of His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, makes all things possible to them that believe.


The official crest of Christ’s Dominion Academy is symbolic of the school’s purpose and vision. The Cross symbolizes the basis for all truth, knowledge of Jesus Christ the Living Word of God. The torch symbolizes the understanding we gain from academic study when it is properly founded on God’s Word. The sword represents the wisdom needed to fight the enemy in the battle for dominion in this present world. The shield represents the faith that protects us from the fiery darts of the enemy and with which we overcome this world. The heads of grain represent the fields of souls that are ripe for harvest and our responsibility to be laborers for our Lord Christ.

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